Bali’s first and biggest street food fiesta happening on Thursday in Tamora Gallery Berawa

236 – Canggu – Bali – This event will be held weekly to create a new destination in Bali for culinary enthusiast who would like to explore iconic cuisines around the world. Asian, Spanish, African, Mediterranean, and more. Registration is open for anyone who wants to sell food on the premises.

Indonesia as a large and diverse culture and culture, this is a unique and at the same time an inspiration for anyone who enjoys the universe of Indonesia.

Tolerance and mutual respect, respect, and collaboration also appear to be creativity.

Such is the case with the Tamora Gallery, which has held the International Food Festival for the fifth time every Thursday from 4 pm to 10 o’clock at night, not only culinary, but various diverse trinkets are also held at this event.

“Since before October this idea has appeared in my mind,” said the founder and organizer of the International Food Fest event, Seycil who is also the owner of GEM (Global Event Management) engaged in event management, branding, and creative concepts for anyone who needs it, with a local and international market target in Bali and outside Bali.

“The International Food Fest at Tamora Gallery has been attended by more than 200 participants from culinary and others.

Various uniqueness and diversity of various countries, up to now 15 countries have appeared in this event, not only the culinary shows, but also the culinary trinkets from their respective countries of origin.

This event is intended for local and foreign citizens who live or are visiting Bali. the archipelago from Aceh to Papua was also held at this event.

Registration to participate in this event is also quite cheap, with only 150 thousand per tenan or booth can take part in this event. As a supporter of small and medium businesses that are just starting and aiming to introduce their respective products in this event, it has been a long awaited opportunity, It seems like this is the first time there has been an event like this in Bali, considering Bali as a world tourist destination that is able to collaborate with any country to compare products typical of the country of origin, or the area of ​​origin.

The International Food Fest at Tamora Gallery will continue as a proof of concern for tourism in Bali and abroad. “Said Seycil, who has been in this business for three years.(TIM).