The Salsa Dance Created So Erotic The Tourist Guests Enchanted at Warung Made.

263 – Seminyak – Bali “Foreign and Domestic Tourist Guests when visiting Bali, besides coming to tourist attractions, don’t forget to look for night entertainment,” said the guest guide.

Relax for a while to enjoy the music of salsa at Warung Made Seminyak, while trying out various dishes of Warung Made, on Jalan Raya Seminyak Bali. Tuesday. December 3, 2019.

So that the salsa dance was created so erotic it was accompanied by an amazing accompaniment for varied salsa movements.

While the place is comfortable to relax with friends while talking lightly to let go of the routine of the workforce.

In addition, Friday nights also felt very memorable at Warung Made Seminyak, a very iconic place in the area 50 years ago.

Being a legend with a classic past atmosphere without leaving history, various memorable photographs were displayed neatly and looked harmonious.

Various Indonesian and foreign figures also became evidence of having visited and enjoyed the distinctive atmosphere of Warung Made in Seminyak.

There are also various unique tenants such as boutiques, united bali merchandise, and many others. So that not only culinary is there, with homy nuances and friendly and friendly service as well, as the hallmark of Bali which is welcoming and full of classical culture.

Together with the media crew who were also able to see a distinct comfort visiting Warung Made Seminyak, “the perfect salsa with the perfect strains too, was able to become an art that evokes enthusiasm and happiness,” said one foreign tourist guest from Russia.

“The desire to come back to Bali and enjoy its various uniqueness is a better hope,” said one of the visitors who seemed to really enjoy the atmosphere and nuances of salsa music at Warung Made Seminyak.

“Salsa is growing rapidly at this time, so many people love it, including young people nowadays, the Canggu area is able to respond more with many salsa enthusiasts,” said Jamal as one of the salsa trainers.

Gung Intan who actively displays the beauty of salsa at Warung Made Seminyak did not hesitate to give training and examples of salsa dances with the guests who were present at Warung Made Seminyak.

Your visit to Bali is not complete, before arriving at Warung Made Seminyak Bali. (TIM).