Best Western Resort Kuta, has its own uniqueness.

170 – Kuta – Bali – I Ketut Gunarta, as the General Manager at Best Western Resort Kuta. says Trees are a source of life for living things including humans, various habitats are able to develop in a natural ecosystem.

So that we should preserve it together with its preservation and cultivation. On Jalan Kubu Ayar Kuta Bali. Friday 29 November 2019.

In addition, Best Western Resort Kuta,
Love tree can also be interpreted as love of life, various activists now have campaigned for the love of trees.

“I said Ketut Gunarta by planting and maintaining trees, is clear evidence that we still care about the life around,” he said.

While November 21, 2019 was celebrated as World Tree Day, as a momentum to remind again the importance of the role and function of trees for the life of creatures on earth, as well as the importance of preserving the forests and trees on earth.

“Like the thing, one of the hotels located in Kuta, the Best Western Resort Kuta, in the area near the lobby there is a banyan tree that is quite large and hundreds of years old. This is the uniqueness of Best Western Resort Kuta.”

“To preserve it also needs to be done every day and every time, with a comfortable atmosphere like in the middle of a tropical forest with many different birds in the banyan tree, various chirping sounds of more than hundreds of birds are heard loudly in the morning and at dusk.

The atmosphere of peace can also be enjoyed by guests visiting the Best Western Resort Kuta. At the same time as a natural and bird destination that is rarely found in other hotels, it needs to be preserved and maintained because this destination is quite unique and exotic, “said I Ketut Gunarta.

During this time various tourist guests from various countries such as Europe, India, Iran, and other countries also visit repeatedly to enjoy the atmosphere around this banyan tree which is full of exotic and unique, with a natural atmosphere and maintained its sustainability.

Many yoga or personal communities also stay long enough just to enjoy the quiet atmosphere under the banyan tree.

Thus a glimpse of a story that is able to inspire love for trees, as well as love for life, because trees can create life around them.

Your visit to Bali is not complete, before arriving at the Best Western Resort Kuta Bali.