The Amnaya Hotel Resort Kuta, Preserving Megibung Culture from Karangasem.

228 – Kuta – Bali – I Wayanagian as Culinary chef at Amnaya Resort Kuta. told the media crew that megibung is a tradition by the Karangasem Bali Residents, whose area is located at the eastern end of the Island of the Gods, Bali, Indonesia. at Amnaya Hotel Resort Kuta. Bali Tuesday. November 19, 2019.

When the people finished fighting with the king against the invaders, they felt happy because they won in defending the country, so they took a meal together.

In addition, the community was finished planting because the planting was good. they megibung together relatives and other workers.

Besides that the meaning of megibung comes from the word gibung which is given the prefix me. Gibung is an activity carried out by many people, namely sharing one person with another.

While the meaning of Megibung – Megibung has 1 meaning. Megibung comes from the word base gibung. Megibung has meaning in verb or word class

In addition, it is a Balinese tradition from generation to generation since the days of the kingdom until now, many people have performed Megibung, Eating Together for Family, “said I Wayanagian.

While the Balinese people know the megibung tradition, at this time, people enjoyed various side dishes such as chicken and sea fish prepared together in one place.

While the Karangasem community is no stranger to the term megibung. Considering this tradition is still awake in most areas. “he said.

This megibung Pilosopifi tradition in question is the tradition of megibung eating together at a place of food consisting of eight men.

“If our Javanese tradition is called Kembulan it means eating together, and if Bali also has a custom of eating together through one container, namely megibung, the meaning of the megibung tradition,” he explained.

Until now the Balinese custom, especially the Karangasem Community, is still preserved by the term magibung.

Stella Gradiana as Marcom at Amnaya Resort Kuta. Convey
with the concept of Art Bali Kultur, Amnaya Resort Kuta is able to strike a balance between culture, culture and Art in various facilities for guests who enjoy a vacation in Bali, especially at Amnaya Resort Kuta.

“According to Stella Gradiana, in the future Amnaya will open another new place in the Tanjung Benoa Nusa Dua area of ​​Bali,” he said.

For a while Amnaya Tanjung Benoa is still in the process, with a concept that always maintains culture, culture, and Balinese art, “he concluded. (Team).