KANIVA International Wins MURI 2019 Record


Lokadewatanews.com – Badung – Bali – Indonesia’s rapidly growing tourism requires human resources (HR) who have superior competence in the service sector. This is in line with the new government program of the President of the Republic of Indonesia Bp. Ir. H. Joko Widodo in accordance with his inaugural address when he was inaugurated on October 20, 2019 ago, namely to prioritize the development of superior human resources towards advanced Indonesia.

In this regard, the Tourism and Hospitality Skills Training Institute (LPK) as the organizer of vocational training is also required to create the uniqueness and excellence of each in organizing the training so that they are able to compete in a healthy manner.

Kaniva International Hotel And Cruise Line Training located in Badung Regency – Bali has been able to position its institution as one of the LPK printing HR tourism with the value of love being its core value. Located at the Agung Ball Room, Inna Grand Bali Beach Hotel Sanur on Tuesday, October 22, 2019.

The Managing Director of KANIVA International, Mr. Gus Suranata on the occasion of the Graduation ceremony of the 3rd generation said that this LPK had been able to place all training participants in the workforce before the graduation ceremony.

“This is inseparable from the commitment of all levels of management and instructors and is supported by industry colleagues to conduct competency-based training and strengthen the mental attitude of service that is personalized in accordance with hospitality values,” he explained.

“We put forward the formation of the character of the value of the love of students as a strong foundation in providing services to tourists. “said Gus. Suranata

Gus Suranata said, “We started from the beginning of the lecture registration process with the interview process, which is to know the character and basic attitudes they have, then to work with the National Police especially from the Mobile Brigade unit to establish self-discipline in the orientation period of campus introduction,” he said.

While Kaniva International Commissioner, K. Swabawa, CHA explained that the challenge of tourism HR in the future is how to be able to meet the increasingly dynamic needs of tourists.

He explained that the transformation of business concepts and consumer behavior must be mastered properly so that HR as individuals and parts of the company can always provide maximum excellent service. “Moreover, in the era of the industrial revolution 4.0, employees must master IT and foreign language skills better.

So that multitasking skills must become a soul for every human being in tourism. Not only mastering technical skills in the main work tasks, but also ready for job enlargement as part of the creativity skills that are the mainstay in this digital era.

For example, a waiter who is asked by guests about attractions in Bali must also be able to explain it properly and correctly. Likewise, a room boy who is cleaning the room must not say he does not know if he is asked if the hotel restaurant sells Balinese food? “Said Swabawa, who also Director of Swaha Hospitality and Deputy Chairperson of IHGMA Bali (Team).