Swiss-BelHotel Petitenget with Octobeerfest or Beer Drinking Competition.

260 – Petitenget – Bali – Giving a touch of crowd appeal to tourists is a promotional material for hospitality actors. The concept of the event was held as attractive as possible to get eye catching or attention.

Such promotional material is also carried out by Swissbell Petitenget with Octobeerfest or a beer drinking competition. The tagline raised at the event is, ‘Last Man Standing’.

F&B Supervisor Agung Naha said, Octobeerfest became a regular event in October. The event is held every Sunday for a month. The concept, said Agung, could be different every week, but not far from the central theme of beer.

“According to Agung Naha, there is a beer competition in two rounds. The first round is a small beer and the second is a large beer. They compete quickly to spend beer using straw, “he explained. Saturday (10/20/2019).

In addition, the concept of Octobeerfest, said Agung, is different from the same event that can be done. Using a straw to finish a 330 ml and 620 ml beer bottle is not an easy matter.

“But that is the challenge for participants. We hope this excitement can crowd from the surrounding environment, “he said.

Participants in the festival can be from anyone, both the community and hotel guests. In addition to competing with exciting cads, visitors are also entertained with DJs playing the remix songs that have been and are being hit. (Team).