Traditional Culinary Exposed For Foreign Tourists in the Heart of Sanur Tourism.


LOKADEWATANEWS.COM – SANUR – BALI – Manager of Warung Pregina Komang Swasta said, The traditional design at Sanur Pregina Warung is laden with wooden ornaments plus wall decorations that showcase the old days of Bali. Thursday (10/17).

“According to Komang Swasta, seeing the traditional culinary potential is exposed to foreign tourists in the heart of Sanur tourism,” he explained

 In addition, Warung Pregina has a Crispy Duck icon that has become a champion for tourists. Even though it is full of traditional spices, the presentation is still international class, “said Komang Swasta.

Manager of Warung Pregina Komang Swasta said that the traditional menu most sought after by foreign tourists was crispy duck.

“This crispy duck is processed without flavoring, the savory taste comes from using traditional spices,” said Komang Swasta.

Therefore, in order to achieve maximum cooking results, it takes a long time in cooking. Especially, in processing duck meat so that its texture becomes soft but does not reduce the savory taste when attached to the tongue.

“So that by cooking it, boil it over low heat for a fairly long time. That is done so that the book is pervasive, because we don’t use any flavor enhancers, only traditional herbs, “he explained.

Meanwhile, not only process duck meat duck very carefully, selection of seeds is also a consideration for maintaining the quality of the cuisine. The duck used is duck with red meat.

Warung Pregina is made with traditional designs. Tables and chairs made of wood appear dominant in the front to the stalls. In addition, the decorations and photographs displayed explored the old Bali.

Komang Swasta said that the concept of the room was strengthened by serving authentic Balinese culinary menus, while still providing an international menu.

Meanwhile, another traditional menu which is also the icon of Warung Pregina is Babi Guling. The typical Balinese cuisine must be ordered at least the day before by the guest.

Komang Swasta emphasized that the process of cooking pork roll requires a long time. Because it is served in an intact form covered with traditional spices.

While the menu is usually served for groups and guests in the group., “Reveal. Private Komang. (TIM)