Planting Mangrove Park23 Mall with TNI Denkav 4 / Sp Kodam IX / Udayana and Wanasari Fishermen Group


LOKADEWATANEWS.COM – TUBAN – BALI – In order to welcome the Park23 Entertainment Center anniversary this September the 4th time it has held a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program which is always held annually, at Kampoeng Kepiting Tuban Bali. Wednesday September 18 2019.

The theme of Kali is “Come on Planting Mangroves” because we know together that we must increase awareness and concern for environmental preservation and also raise awareness of the marine ecosystem.

The planting this time included Park23 Entertainment Center tenants, Park23 Entertainment center environment and partnerships that have supported programs and events so far that have taken place at Park23 Entertainment Center.

Before planting will be given education on how to plant mangrove seedlings and also the function of mangroves by the Wanasari Fishermen Group.

There will be more than 100 mangrove seedlings which will be planted together by all Park23 Entertainment Center staff & management as well as invitees.

Mangrove tree planting is scheduled for 4:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. by observing a safe situation for planting in mangrove forest areas from weather and high tides.

Agus Diana Wanasari Tuban Badung Fishermen Group. said Mangroves are ecosystems that grow along tropical and sub-tropical coastlines, usually in low tide waters.

“According to Agus Diana Mangrove functions as a spawning place and a place to eat for various fish, shellfish and various types of crabs,” he explained.

Besides mangroves are also very important for the quality of water in the surrounding ecosystems such as coral reef ecosystems. Mangrove roots can be a nutrient solvent,

“So that the mangroves retain waves, sediments and suspension material that are transported from the river to the coast and protect and prevent coastal erosion,” Agus said (TIM).