The Daughter of the Universe in 2015 once again held a reunion in Bali


LOKADEWATANEWS.COM – SEMINYAK – BALI – Anindya Kusuma Putri Miss Universe 2015 from Indonesia was the main speaker at a press conference held at TS Nakula Hotel, Seminyak, Bali, Tuesday, September 17, 2019.

In addition, the Princess of the Universe in 2015 held a reunion in Bali. This reunion was accompanied by a number of activities in support of natural, cultural and historical heritage.

While the visit of the beautiful princesses to Bali begins on 17-25 September 2019. Then they will carry out a series of activities on Menjangan Island in the districts of Jembrana, Karangasem, Gianyar and Sanur.

Miss Universe 2015 from Indonesia Anindya Kusuma Putri said the reunion was held in Bali to reunite friendships between the finalists of Miss Universe 2015.

In addition they will also conduct campaigns in accordance with the reunion tagline ‘The Beauty for Sustainable Nature, Culture and Heritage’.

“It was said Anindya Kusuma Putri,
This friendship is a very valuable asset of friends between countries. Here we can talk about love and life, the competition is over and it’s time we share, “he said.

In this year’s meeting, Anindya Putri showed the world especially the 80 countries participating in the Miss Universe about Wonderful Indonesia.

14 countries attended the Miss Universe 2015 reunion in Bali including, Anindya Kusuma Putri (Indonesia), Narissara Nena France (Great Britain), Toria Nichole Fakanos (Bahamas), Vanessa Tevi Kumares (Malaysia), Lisa Marie White (Singapore), Debbie Collins (South Africa), Catalina Morales (Puerto Rico), Alysha Boekhoudt (Aruba), Emilia Araujo (Portugal), Claudia Barrionuevo (Argentina), Martine Hjorungdal (Norway), and Annelies Toros (Belgium).

Of the several Miss Universe 2015 contestants, some of them chose to stay in Bali and Lisa Marie White from Singapore often visited Indonesia.

“I liked the hospitality of Indonesians and I began to learn languages,” Lisa Marie said.

We all know, Bali is very unique and a different place, I always want to come back here, “he said.

Meanwhile, Vanessa Tevi Kumares from Malaysia claimed, he always wanted to return to the island of Bali. According to him, Bali is not just about beaches or parties,
but also related to the spirit and culture that exists on the Island of the Gods. Vanessa said the uniqueness of Bali is not found in other parts of the world. (TIM).