Deputy Infrastructure Ministry of Maritime Affairs Ridwan Djamaluddin, Apologies, For the Reclamation of Benoa Port.

246 Denpasar – BALI – Bali Governor Wayan Koster, along with Maritime Infrastructure Ministry Deputy Coordinator Ridwan Djamaluddin and Pelindo Managing Director Doso Agung, met to provide information before the media at the Bali Governor’s office in Jakarta, Sabha, Saturday, September 7, 2019.

Meanwhile, Bali Governor Wayan Koster said he was relieved and grateful for the agreement that was reached. According to him, a government in the context of conducting development must have synchronization.

“So the points submitted have responded to the letter of the Governor of Bali delivered on 26 August. As a result of negligence has been realized, “said the Governor.

Meanwhile Deputy Infrastructure Ministry of Maritime Affairs Ridwan Djamaluddin along with Pelindo III Director Doso Agung, apologized for environmental damage due to reclamation in the Benoa Port area.

“While the statement was delivered by Ridwan Djamaluddin with Governor Wayan Koster” he explained.

Ridwan Djamaluddin said, with regard to Jaya’s developing conditions, we apologize to all parties. One of course we know, environmental damage is something that no one expects, fundamental mistakes, technical errors, this governance error will be corrected, “he said .

Previously, said Ridwan, a Coordination Meeting on Handling the Development Problems of the Benoa Port, Bali at the Maritime Ministry’s Office, Jakarta, September 2, 2019. The meeting resulted in 5 points to address the letter of the Governor of Bali.

Ridwan added, the government was aware of the accumulation of material and dredging of the Benoa port, resulting in the spread of sediment outside the Dumping Site 2 area. Thus, resulting in the death of mangroves around the area.

“There was an error in the implementation of the reclamation and development of the Benoa Port,” he explained.

Meanwhile, to deal with the problem, PT Pelindo III will not continue to expand, but will organize, mitigate the impact, and restore environmental conditions in the area and waters of the Benoa Harbor, Bali.

Furthermore, PT Pelindo III with Benoa KSOP will review the current Benoa Port Master Plan (RIP) document and the direction of the Governor of Bali.

While the government through the Maritime Coordinating Ministry also formed a Monitoring Coordinating Team consisting of officials and experts from Ministries, Institutions, Local Governments, and Universities to collect data and information related to the problem.

“Follow-up recommendations will be prepared by taking into account national interests,” Ridwan said (TIM).