Bali Police Regional Directorate’s Supervision Team. Visit to Badung Regional Police Station.


LOKADEWATANEWS.COM – Bali Regional Police, Badung Regional Police, Badung Police Operations Section Chief Kompol I Ketut Sukarta, SH received a supervision team from the Director General of the Bali Regional Police regarding the 2019 Patuh Agung Operations at the Patuh Agung Ops Command Post – 2019 Badung Police Station, Bali. Tuesday, (03/9)

Head of Bali Regional Police AKBP Director’s Supervision Team Then Drs. I Nyoman Sukasena accompanied by the group said, that in his presence this time, to equalize the perception in an effort to suppress the fatalities in the 2019 obedient ops, so that the incidence of accidents then could then be minimized.

The Team Leader and his entourage namely Commissioner Drs I Nyoman Geden, Commissioner I Made Sundanta, SH immediately checked by asking directly to the Kasatgas who were involved in the Police Ops with the code for the Great Compliance 2019.

“According to the Head of the Nyoman Sukasena Team, for performance personnel in the field, it is expected to be careful and professional not to take actions against the law such as extortion, which will harm yourself, family and tarnish the good name of the agency” he said.

“It is said Nyoman Sukasena, Because of the act of one person who is not good, can discredit large institutions that have gone well” he explained.

While those present at the reception of the Bali Police Regional Traffic Control Supervision Team, namely the AKP I Nyoman Sumantara Kasat, SH, KBO Then Iptu Iptu I Putu Dadi, SH Kanit Turjawali Badung Regional Police Headquarters Ipda I Nyoman Mustika.

Continued Kasubbaglog Bag Sumda Iptu I Ketut Kerta Negara, SH, Kasubbaghumas Bag Ops Iptu I Ketut Gede Oka Bawa, SH and all the officials involved in the Patuh Agung Ops 2019.

The supervision ended at 4:00 pm, everything was explained clearly by the Head of the Badung Police Ops and during the supervision it was carried out safely in an orderly and smooth manner (TIM).