H&M Studio Delivers to Release 19 A / W Collection Campaign Magical Realism


LOKADEWATANEWS.COM – INDONESIA – H&M Studio is very pleased to release a campaign for the A / W 19 collection, “Magical Realism”, which is mixed with a dramatic atmosphere of feminine spirituality.

The campaign was photographed by Christian MacDonald, and Ludivine Poiblanc as a stylist, who also provided assistance as a consultant for the collection, and was modeled by Adut Akech who energized endlessly around the streets of New York. Monday September 2 2019.

This collection consists of a combination of sharp tailoring, silk dresses and classic knits. H&M Studio A / W 2019 will be available on hm.com and in selected stores starting on September 5.

In Indonesia, this collection can be found at H&M Grand Indonesia and ID.HM.COM.

Designed to be used every day and timeless, this collection provides a change in the formal style of independent women’s clothing in a new era of confident women.

Key items of this collection include Italian wool coats with strong shoulders, tailored wool suits with rolled waist, tailored leather trousers, nylon outerwear, elegant cotton and viscose blouse, two color knee-high boots, dresses recycled polyester.

An exciting color palette of mossy brown and autumn green is offset by red and yellow tomatoes, in addition to prints inspired by magnetic fields.

“We are inspired by discovering miracles in everyday life. Every part in this collection is designed to empower modern women 24/7 who are looking for clothing that is durable and timeless, but also has a gentle spiritual element. There are so many collections of classic clothing in this collection that can be arranged according to an urban lifestyle and will last for years, “said Angelica Grimborg, H&M Studio Concept Designer.

“This collection is a collection of celebrations of modern women. He is very free, independent and stands for what he believes in. He dresses for himself, which translates as a mixture of classic shapes with more modern pieces.

We chose to photograph collections on the busy streets of New York – a place of energy and diversity – to represent this spirit of freedom, strength and energy, “said Ludivine Poiblanc, stylist and creative consultant.

H&M Studio is the most advanced H&M collection. Developed by a special in-house design team at the Atelier Stockholm, this limited edition collection is made twice a year, according to the general international fashion schedule. (TIM).