The First Take Over Event in the Pandemic Era, There is a Life DJ

80 – Manager of Sand Beach Bar & Restaurant. Komang Swasta. said Today the take over event that we made, maybe our first event during this pandemic, there is a life DJ catering from life over from pizza loji, the result is a barker day with a personal name, during a press conference at Sand Beach Bar Sanur, Friday. (11/9).

“We have a promo profile which is named very, we sell very cheaply but the quality is very international standard,” he said. Komang Swasta.

Then we sell it for fifty thousand per glass, we have promo food too, and of course, DJ entertainment playing classic disco with top-top body lysis and famous Indonesian songs.

“So that our market is for domestic or local guests, the day the barker friend is Tropical Sand so Tropical Sand, we agrid show that it is only for sand, so because in Sand itself it is more to Sand copical,” he said. Komang Swasta.

“So our concept is to be copical so that we don’t get the wrong concept like other places, so we have the concept that we have a special one here,” he concluded.

Whereas our product, what brand is our sadwer tonight, in the whiskey iverial and Sigram vodca, the two products, which are vodca and whiskey, that we use in the take-over party.
In addition, this plan will definitely continue, yes we are because first, if this is indeed a success, we can see the visitors are quite full and of course we make a regular every month or every week maybe I make a DJ too because this is very good for luring guests. local or domestic tourists. “Said Komang Swasta.(Team).