Men and Women Santri Activities, Exercise Every Sunday.

87 – Bali – Bhayangkara Media Team, Mr. Pur conveyed the activities every Sunday, how many days have this been running, …? Yes, it’s been about three months, and we turn to this Sunday, the female students and the male students. Next Sunday, the media team met on a river-side fishing park road. Sunday. (6/9).

“It was said by the caregiver of Santri Pur, Yes, the children on Sunday morning we take them for a walk, in the fishing park together,” he explained.

“As for the night, we invite the midnight prayers together, so that we can train the children to be disciplined in carrying out their obligations,” he concluded.

“So if there is a camp on Saturday Sunday there is a boarding school Saturday Sunday, if the children do not have time to stay, there is an experience of staying overnight even though it is only one night,” Pur said.

So that children can practice discipline and independently, so that there is experience here. Later it can be used in the future.

Hey, people, if they want to serve their children, if you don’t have time to go to the hut, please recite the Koran at Pak Pur, on Jalan Juwet Sari Gang Santan. “He explained. (Bhayangkara media team).