In the midst of the rapid development of the music industry in the country

213 – Bali – In the midst of the rapid development of the music industry in the country, Bali has again given birth to a duo of newcomer musicians. “SABIA” was formed on June 1, 2020 and consists of two members, Vico (guitar) and Jack Iwage (vocals).

Sabia is a project that was formed to fill the vacancies or spare time of personnel in the midst of the current Covid 19 pandemic outbreak. Vico & Jack are actually not new faces in the Balinese indie music scene.

Vico has been in the music industry and is trusted to be a bassist with the bands The Wheels and Antrabez while Jack is with the band Breecia. This time, Vico wants to try out a genre that is a little different from what he used to play before, namely Rock. The choice fell to the Pop Rock genre with the theme of love.

Vico guitar strings accompany Jack’s distinctive voice with simple acoustic nuances presented beautifully in a single entitled “Bucin [needs love]. The single “Bucin” is about someone who wants to express and prove the sincerity of love. With this single, we hope it will be accepted by Indonesian music lovers.

In this single, Vico and Jack were assisted by several Balinese musician friends such as Jimmi Yanuar (additional lead guitar) and Ozee Fauzi (additional keyboard). This single was recorded at Rogz Studio and for the mixing and mastering process assisted by Roger Lefuno.

The first single, entitled “Bucin” was officially released digitally on August 10, 2020. In collaboration with Antida Music Productions as a Digital Music Distributor, the single can be downloaded and listened to on various music store platforms such as Spotify, iTunes, Joox, Deezer etc.(team).