Pangdam IX / Udayana as Pangkoops Pamtas RI-RDTL Assures Security Task Force to Always Be Alert


LOKADEWATANEWS.COM – RI-RDTL – Special Raider Infantry Battalion (RK) 744 / SYB, on Friday (7/8/2020) officially assumed the assignment as the East Sector RI-RDTL Pamtas Task Force replacing the RI-RDTL East Sector Security Task Force 142 / KJ.

This was conveyed by Kapendam IX / Udayana Colonel Kav Jonny Harianto G, S.I.P., while accompanying Pangdam IX / Udayana Maj. Gen. Kurnia Dewantara with his entourage in the framework of the Kunker at the Motaain Cross-border Post (PLBN), Belu. Saturday (8/8/2020)

The activities of Pangdam IX / Udayana as Pangkoops Pamtas RI-RDTL accompanied by Danrem 161 / WS as Dankolakops Pamtas RI-RDTL with their entourage began with conducting a review of the RI-RDTL Army Security Task Force for East Sector Infantry Battalion RK 744 / SYB continued to Post Salore, followed by a review at the Motaain PLBN Post.

While at the observation location at the posts located in the East Sector of the RI-RDTL Border, the Pangdam checked the conditions of the posts occupied and the conditions of the Task Force Soldiers who were carrying out security duties in the area.

It should be noted that the activity of the number one Kunker at Kodam IX / Udayana to the RI-RDTL Border area in this case in the East Sector is intended in addition to ensuring that the border areas of the Republic of Indonesia are always in a safe and conducive situation and conditions, as well as an effort to provide motivational enthusiasm for the Pamtas Task Force Soldiers who are carrying out their duties to always take care of their respective health so that in carrying out their duties they are still in a high alert condition.

The placement of TNI personnel at each border, in this case across the RI-RDTL Boundary in a sustainable manner, is a state effort, in this case assigned by the TNI, because until now there are still unidentified cross border violations, smuggling in the form of fuel and basic necessities.

“Not only that, in carrying out its duties the Pamtas Task Force apart from maintaining the security of the state border also continuously carries out various limited territorial development (Binter) activities as an effort to improve the welfare of people living in border areas”, concluded Kapendam. (Pendam IX / Udy ).