Ayu Riani Pribadi As Singer or Vocalist


Lokadewatanews com – Bali – As a singer who has a unique voice for all genres of music, this native woman born in Klungkung Bali had a chance to work abroad for almost six years. Sunday 5 July 2020.

Ayu, as her nickname with the full name Ayu Riani Pribadi as singer or vocalist.

This time it was joined by the band Diva and Friend to stream music concerts in the context of raising donations in the current pandemic situation.

In the way of the beautiful island 1A Tekumar Denpasar as well as a gallery place of Goa Barong painting by Ozee which has been making paintings for quite a long time.

“The majority of the shirts that I have painted are all orders or requests, hundreds of shirts are already there and prices start from two hundred thousand and more.

With various facial works or Balinese culture namely Barong in accordance with the brand name “Goa Barong” T-shirt “said Ozee as a painting artist and owner.

“Hopefully the second streming is successful and can be supported by various parties, of course.” Ayu hopes so he said.

Musicians in Bali with their various talents and collaborating to bring up creativity as a solution in the economic situation that is experiencing a global crisis lately.

Creative ideas from various inspirational universes and cultures in Bali are always interesting to be enjoyed as entertainment in local and international reach (TIM).