Badung Police Satlantas Collaborates with BRI to Give SIM Appreciation to the Community.

14 – Badung – Bali – In the framework of the 74th anniversary of Bhayangkara, today we satlantas police badung police in particular, “We are working with BRI to provide an appreciation SIM not a free SIM, because there is a PNB to finance, and the fee is paid by the BRI. “Said Kasat then Iptu Achmad Fahmi Adiatma.

“Kasat then Iptu Achmad Fahmi Adiatma, STK, SIK said, Because this is a form of appreciation for those who were born exactly on July 1 together with the birthday of Bhayangkara.”

“According to Iptu Achmad Fahmi Adiatma, so for those who have a new test, they must still follow the procedure first, and for those who extend it, they also follow the procedure, for the PNB to be paid by BRI,” he explained.

“While the number of people born on July 1, those who have registered are 26 people who get an appreciation SIM. Said Iptu Achmad Fahmi Adiatma.

“Our hope in the future as a traffic unit in particular here is that I also appeal to the people of Badung Regency in particular, so in the midst of the covid-19 pandemic, we must obey all traffic regulations, always use masks, because masks are important to maintain the respiratory tract, and if for two-wheeled riders to always keep using a helmet. “Said. Iptu Achmad Fahmi Adiatma.

“As for others, they still use driving safety equipment.” Iptu Achmad Fahmi Adiatma.

So that for two-wheeler riders do not get stikma, the community uses a mask but does not use a helmet, even though the use of the helmet is to protect members of the community to avoid accidents, for example, such as accidents, then head banged, and others.

“So still the helmet is the main one for driving two wheels. And also wearing a mask when the pvidemic covid19, this is because it is important for our health.” Clearly. Iptu Achmad Fahmi Adiatma, (TEAM).