Kintamani Polsek Bangli Polres Receives Phase II Polri Rice to Be Distributed to Communities Affected by Pandemic Covid-19


Lokadewatanews com – Bali – Bali Polda Bali – Bangli Police Station – Kintamani Police Station. As a form of Polri’s concern for the people affected by CoVid-19, the National Police provided basic food assistance to the CoVid-19 affected community, food assistance in the form of rice was distributed from Bangli Regional Police to the ranks of the Polsek, which would later be distributed by each rank and file police.

This time the Bangli Kintamani Sector Police returned to receiving 200 rice packages from the Bangli Regional Police, which were then distributed to the underprivileged people due to the impact of the covid pandemic – 19th Saturday, (06/06).

Before being distributed to people in need, Kintamani Police Chief Commissioner I Made Raka Sugita, S.H., M.H ordered the Bhabinkamtibmas to re-enlist the underprivileged people, so that this rice aid was right on target and was really acceptable to the people in need.

Kintamani Police Chief Commissioner I Made Raka Sugita, S.H., M.H said that the handover of this assistance was a form of Polri’s concern in which the Kintamani Sector Police Bangli was believed to channel it to the public and hopefully the community remained enthusiastic in the midst of the epidemic and always maintained health for the prevention of co-19 transmission.

“Before being distributed, we will first record the communities who are truly less well off, so that in implementing this rice is right on target and can be accepted by people in need,” said the police chief.

“Hopefully this assistance can benefit the community and hopefully this pandemic will quickly pass,” added the man with the rank of jasmine on his shoulder.

This rice assistance is expected to ease the burden of the people affected by Covid – 19. Although the value is not so great, the community is expected to be able to take advantage of various forms of donations in the midst of the Covid – 19 pandemic. Salam Tribrata (Team).