IB Puja Painter Still Exists and Enthusiasm To Continue to Inspire the World.


Lokadewatanews.com – Denpasar – Bali “Work that is not lost by time becomes an existence and passion to continue to inspire the world.” Revealed. IB Puja Painter.

“According to IB Puja, Bali has always been the inspiration of painters who are full of masterpieces to various corners of the World.” He concluded.

While IB Puja, who has been pursuing painting since he was still in elementary school until now, “he said.

In any situation, an art is always an inspiration for various groups, therefore painters should continue to have an existence to work, both artists and musicians.

So that a variety of works that have worldwide become the main attraction for fans of painting IB Puja, further can be seen on youtube and Instagram, IB Puja.

“We plan to have a single exhibition in 2020, with the current situation there will certainly be technologies that support the existence of paintings, especially from Bali,” said a glimpse of a world-class painter, IB Puja. in Bali. Sunday, May 31, 2020.

With time, the masterpieces of painting will be increasingly sought after by fans of various countries, this is an inspiration to create an innovation and new ideas for humanity. (TIM).