Cares Covid-19, Chairperson of the Bali Hindu Muslim Brotherhood (PHM Bali). A.A.Ngurah Agung Puri Gerenceng Pemecutan.

146 – Bali – Asalamualakum wr wb good night om swastiyastu, tiyang from the hindu fraternity of Muslim Bali we care about this co-19 issue, which is mainly for food problems, “said, Chair of the Hindu Muslim Brotherhood of Bali (Bali PHM). Aangurah Agung Puri Gerenceng Pemecutan
Jalan Teungku Umar no.46 Souvenir Shop in Denpasar, Wednesday. 29. April 2020.

According to A.A. Ngurah Agung Puri Gerenceng Pemecutan, food staples that are distributed by both the business community and the government if possible can use one lane, especially the Provincial Government of Bali has one lane, from the province to the spearhead has one lane, “he said.

So if we can, we ask that the distribution is not from adat, but use official village records, so that all citizens will be able to get a Bali KTP specifically in Denpasar, also can.

So, if he uses a random procedure, he can get only the indigenous people, so that everyone can get it, whether Hindu or Muslim, Christian, Buddhist, and if possible the boarding house can also be because he is an Indonesian citizen and he lives in Indonesia Bali.

“Meanwhile, if he is told to do nothing, don’t he have to do the first one, the second if he can use one door, how can one do the data from the village from the office? Here, Tuesday of this area, Wednesday of this area and later come back again, don’t just give it once, if we can give it weekly, because we don’t know when this will be done, the community will be calm and safe and controlled one, “Said.AANgurah Agung Puri Gerenceng Pemencutan.

The second problem for finance repayments is that the government rules are correct, because in the community it still remains collected the second, the second, remains subject to interest because government regulations are free for the first year, but in the field we remain pay but on withdrawal, on repayment, this is how we remain in charge for a year, so the profit is a bank or finance or a cooperative.

“This we keep paying so, so we don’t work we pay, we did first take the money but the payment is fixed, because we have no income if we can suggest that we don’t get interest, then if it starts to be good we will start to get interest if so, the second, the third.

“We appeal to our brothers to be told to stay quiet at home, in fact guests still come there, guests who tourism is still there, but the term use covid tourism covid tourism how about how he wears a mask he does not go anywhere or he is indeed we are in Bali especially Indonesia.

AANgurah Agung Puri Gerenceng Pemecutan added So the shelter of his jadin community which he avoided his illness to Bali or to Indonesia, later in Indonesia would spread the disease, especially he could still go to beaches, roads to hotels, but the general public should not to go like that, you can’t go past the beach now the beach is closed the fields are closed. “he concluded.

Whereas now many people are fishing, again whose hobbies are fishing, all fishing is going to be right, “he concluded.

“So if you want Covid-19 to be resolved soon we have to stay the first to stay at home, keep your distance, try to use the application and take good care of yourself and remember that sporting is my delivery, I am wary of wanti om santi santi santi uncle (TIM).