Anticipating the Spread of Covid-19, Bali Police Mobile Brigade Patrol Cipta Conditions

166 – Bali – To anticipate the spread of the corona virus or Covid-19, Thursday (3/26/2020) members of the Bali Police Mobile Brigade Unit patrol the conditions to urge people not to gather or leave the house.

The patrol targets were divided to include the Protestant road area and the center of the crowd, the city of Denpasar, Badung, Gianyar, until reaching the Jembrana Regency of Bali in accordance with the zoning or location of the nearest Bali Police Mobile Brigade Battalion Headquarters.

The activity was under the direct control of the Bali Police Mobile Brigade Dansat Kombes Pol Ardiansyah Daulay, S.I.K., M.H.

“Our goal is to find a place where there are groups of people. We give an appeal, a dialogic emphasis, to avoid the crowds. ” said Kombes Daulay.

“We prevent this corona virus from developing. With one of them giving a direct appeal in a crowded place, “he explained.
“We appeal to the public to follow the government’s recommendations. Perform social distancing amid corona virus outbreaks.

Please help us prevent it, and those of you who have no interest in returning home immediately. Because we do not know what kind of corona virus is spreading “, he concluded. (TEAM).