Bhayangkari Bangli Branch Returns Aid, Flood Victims.

46 – Bali – Bali Regional Police, Bangli Regional Police, -The Manifestation of Concern in easing the burden of the flood victims in Banjar Ulun Danu, Songan Village, Kintamani District, Bangli Regency which occurred on Friday, 07/02/20.

With this incident Bhayangkari Bangli Branch which was led directly by the Chairman of Bhayangkari Bangli Branch Ny. Rani Gusti Agung Dhana Aryawan gave food aid to the community for the victims of the Flood Disaster in Banjar Ulundanu, Songan Village, Kintamani, Bangli. Tuesday, (11/02).

This activity is a form of Bhayangkari Bangli branch’s concern for the victims and this activity also aims to provide assistance to flood victims and provide motivation to flood victims to stay motivated in living their daily lives.

The assistance delivered by Bhayangkari Bangli Branch in the form of rice, eggs, oil, blankets and bedding as well as other equipment was given directly to the flood victims by Ms. Chairman Bhayangkari Bangli Branch.

Accompanied by Kasat Sabhara, Bangli Regional Police, AKP Ida Bagus Ketut Employee, S.H., Chairperson of the Bhayangkari Bangli branch. Gusti Dhana Aryawan said that. “This activity of delivering aid is a form of love from the National Police especially the Bangli District Police to the flood victims,” ​​said Ny. Gusti Dhana Aryawan.

“Hopefully, given this small assistance, we expect this activity as well as petrification and lighten the burden of our brothers and sisters who are victims of flooding in Br. Ulundanu Songan and remain enthusiastic in living their daily lives,” said the wife of the Bangli police chief.

The activity of delivering aid was received by the people of Songan Village, and they also expressed their gratitude for the assistance provided by Bhayangkari Bangli Branch (TIM).