This time Aurelia Sanur Maison Holds a Solo Exhibition by Rio Helmi.


This time Aurelia Sanur Maison Holds a Solo Exhibition by Rio Helmi. – Sanur – Bali – Rio Helmi, as an international class photographer who has traveled through several countries to create quality and deep meaningful photography. Monday 3 February 2020.

This time Rio Helmi’s latest works are exhibited directly from January 5 to August this year, precisely at the Maison Aurelia Sanur hotel.

“Some of the works are printed on canvas and given painting strokes, themed about Bali which has an always exotic spirit and strong inspiration.

One of the works on display, a photo taken in Bali’s heartfelt show a girl who was dancing and praying in the true sense.

The element of spirit itself in every work is connectivity and experience that actually exists in the Balinese community.

Various events also provide an inspiration to be used as notes in photographs.

Furthermore, Instagram as a media that is responded to a lot, when there is a response to a work, it is happiness for me, “he said.

The development of time and technology affect the spirit that has existed for a long time, though not all of it.

For example, the traditional house of Bali, which in the past was obliged to be guided by the Kosala Kosala book, as modern developments are still applied or not? The waning of spirit as a challenge of the current modern era, Karma which is the basis of life in Bali is sometimes forgotten and certain people still hold fast to cause and effect. “

Various photographs and paintings based on printing on canvas with painting strokes, become a deep inspiration as direct communication with the photo works on display this time (Team).