This year’s Global Event Management Officially Uses Bli Tap as a Non-Cash Payment Tool.

157 – Bali has been one of the event’s destinations since a long time ago, various interesting events have been held in various places in Bali. Wednesday. January 29, 2020.

Identical to Event, Bali is able to liven up the atmosphere of an event that has a concept, from party events, weddings, bazaar events, exhibition events and other events that are always successfully held in Bali.

“This year’s Global Event Management officially uses Bli Tap as a non-cash payment instrument or what is commonly referred to as a cashless system through applications.

Actually Bli Tap itself has been around since 2019, as the founder of Bli Made and his friend from Poland.

Bli Tap is the only system originating from Bali to date. “Said Seycil as the founder of Global Event Management / GEM.

Various advantages using the Bli Tap cashless payment system today are very easy and efficient.

Technically enough with enough deposit and can automatically be used shopping with tools in the form of an elastic rubber band.

Especially for events that involve quite a lot of visitors, so visitors do not need to queue to buy drinks, but visitors will be served directly one by one.

Besides this Bli Tap system is also able to increase revenew event numbers, because with this Bli Tap sales numbers can be reduced to the maximum extent possible.

With this easy and flexible Bli Tap system, various disadvantages and weaknesses of an event can be handled easily.

The cashier system is also through this Bli Tap application, using any android mobile can be used.

While protecting from the risk of losing money when the event takes place, because visitors do not need to carry cash when the event takes place.

Its use can be conditioned only for events only or can also be used continuously as a fixed term contract.

For example, some successful events with a capacity of one thousand visitors can be managed easily and without risk.

“One of the events that was held with sales transactions of up to 700 million within one day of the event, Bli Tap still exists in use,” said Seycill.

Many event management are also interested in using Bli Tap as a cashless payment system. (TIM)