This time’s Global Event Management Holds Seminar on Binance at Tamora Gallery Canggu

281 – Canggu – Bali – Binance itself is the largest in Southeast Asia, and this is the first time testing a small seminar in Bali for the first time. at Tamora Gallery Canggu, 17 January.

Unexpectedly various crypto and bitcoin communities attended the event, around a hundred participants attended with enthusiasm in responding to binance.

Participants from various countries also attended, such as Russia, Turkey, Singapore, Canada, and local domestic quite a lot too, even those who were on vacation also took part in this binance event.

“It was unexpected that an event like this existed in Bali, and even this time,” said one visitor.

Binance itself plans to hold a ‘super meet up’ in Bali, around the end of this year, with a target audience of around 500 people attending later.

Ana and Dan as the speakers at this event conveyed various advantages about binance, “in binance you can learn crypto and others through the binance academy at”

“The development of the crypto and bitcoin community is growing rapidly nowadays, millennials are always updated with current developments in economic technology.

“Bali itself is a fast growing market because of the many tourists from various countries who are already familiar with crypto and bitcoin, as well as many other kinds of types,” he explained.

Rapid economic growth with the development of technology today is able to create various types of variants such as crypto and bitcoin.

Bali as a world tourist destination that is able to attract the attention of various countries, often international events become a mandatory agenda for various world circles.

About Binance; Binance is a cryptocurrency shopping place that is open nonstop, in which there are crypto ecosystems such as buying and selling crypto, as a donation to a fundraiser, as education and learning, and also as an investment.

Binance first entered Indonesia in May 2019 in Jakarta, which was brought directly by Dan, as the speaker of this event.

The Binance Angel program is a social activity that involves volunteers.

Binance academy can be learned for free in Indonesian, which can be seen at

Ana as the second speaker discussed Origin, which was Binance’s first partner with coins or tokens, “Initially America, Korea, China and Russia, but after they entered Binance, they realized that Indonesia was one of the major markets in Asean.

Besides Indonesia, Vietnam is also included in the Origin Token (OGN) market destination to develop more broadly. It turns out that the Indonesian market is bigger than Korea, “he said. (TIM).