208 – Bali – There’s always something new in the Antida SoundGarden biweekly program. This time, Erick EST, the famous director of the island of Bali, did not hesitate to kick off Antida SoundGarden by showing films he had made with blood to make the film industry in the country.

Imagine, his love of film and his commitment to advancing the creative world is indeed unmitigated, he has won numerous international film nominations. Call it the film titled “My Last” and “Fragile”. Both films were awarded at film festivals in Australia.

Anom Darsana, owner of Antida SoundGarden. Delivering Realizing his commitment to the growth and development of the film world and its true world, Erick EST deliberately presents films, where the films draw us closer to self-identity.

“The Long Sa’an film is a film that tells about the lack of access that can be reached by the Dayak Kenyah Hinterland to the city, opening our eyes how important it is to know all things that are rooted in local wisdom.” Anom Darsana.

Unmitigated, this event got an interesting spotlight from students on top campuses.

Anom Darsana, owner of Antida SoundGarden. Said they could flock to come to enjoy the event that presents one film and one film clip by Erick Est.

“We deliberately invite campuses in line, to enjoy this event, so that this film education is successfully carried out,” said. Anom Darsana, owner of Antida SoundGarden.

The event which took place on Friday (24/01) with a duration of more than two hours presented a film and a video clip from Erick EST, Long Sa’an, a film about the Oma Lung (Kenyah) tribe which had to leave the village and create a village. others for the sake of getting access to the city.

Further and most recently a video clip of a Balian band formed in Bali in 2009 consisting of Edward on bass; Aaron on the guitar; and Gembul on Drum.

This video clip succeeded in stealing the hearts of many people because of the unexpected storyline where JRX and Nora played their respective roles in the video clip.

Not only films and video clips, the event which began nicely at 20.00 shows some musicians who are already familiar in the midst of the millennials in Bali, namely Zio and Soul n Kith.

There are about fifty pairs of eyes who came to witness this mat without exception. They are all, perhaps, ready to be at the forefront of the country’s film industry.

Antida SoundGarden, that night, has succeeded in becoming a space where ideas and creativity can spill and manifest. (team)