Anticipation of Bali Police Disaster Carry Out Troops Title

129 – Bali – In disaster preparedness the Bali Police together with the TNI and the Regional Disaster Management Agency (BPBD) carry out the Apple Natural Disaster Management Program located at the Iptu field. S. Soetarjo, Mako Brimob, Tohpati, Saturday (4/1/2020).

While the apple was also attended by the Head of the Bali Provincial BPBD and all Bali Police Chief Officials. Acting as the leader of the apple Chief of the Bali Police Operations Bureau Kombes Pol. Djoko Prihadi, SH. , Apple begins by checking the vehicle alusista and equipment that has been exhibited in the Apple title.

While the Karo Ops Bali Police said “seeing the development of the current national situation, there are many natural disasters due to weather changes, and based on estimates Bali has entered the rainy season, so it needs to be aware of heavy rains and strong winds, and prone to natural disasters,” he said.

In addition, we must pay close attention to the proactive steps needed to help the affected communities, all members of the national police to be on standby and all out in synergy with local governments and related agencies to minimize the impact caused, ‘said Karo OPS. Bali Police.

Karo Ops Bali Police advised that each member to maintain health and stamina and most importantly maintain personal safety in carrying out the task, he added. (TEAM).