Bali Police Chief Inaugurates Raditya Grihasta Prashanti Pavilion Bhayangkara Hospital Denpasar

137 – Denpasar – Bali – Bhayangkara Hospital in Denpasar inaugurated the Prasanti Raditya Grihasta Pavilion building. Friday 12/27/2019.

The inauguration was attended by Bali Police Chief Inspector General of Police. Dr. Petrus Reinhard Golose, Sespusdokkes Polri Kombes Pol. dr. Asep Hendradiana, Sp.An., KIC., M. Kes, Kabidyankes Kombes pol. Dr. dr. Purwadi, M.S., MARS, SST., MK, Badung Regent I Nyoman Giri Prasta, Head of the Bali Provincial Health Service Dr. Ketut Suarjaya, MPPM.

The inauguration was marked by ribbon cutting by the Chairperson of the Bhayangkari Region of Bali Ny. Barbara Golose was accompanied by Bali Police Chief Inspector General Pol. Dr. Petrus Reinhard Golose, followed by the regional police chief conducted a review in every room and checked the existing facilities.

The Pavilion building consists of four floors, with the ground floor being used as a parking vehicle for visitors and patients, the first floor is an inpatient room consisting of obstetric and infant rooms, and treatment rooms (classes 1, 2, and 3), the second floor is a room patient care (VIP, VVIP, class 1 and 2 rooms), in total there are 53 beds.

Karumkit Bhayangkara Denpasar Superintendent Dr. Ni Made Murtini, MARS in his report conveyed the construction of the Prasanti Raditya Grihasta Pavilion, which means “a house that radiates peace and tranquility” is a grant aid from the Badung Regent with construction starting in May 2019 to December 16 2019. Also conveyed this building received medical equipment assistance from the Head of the Polytechnic of the Republic of Indonesia. So that it is hoped that after the inauguration of this building it can be operated immediately to serve the community, especially members of the National Police and their families.

Inspector General of Police Dr. Petrus Reinhard Golose in his remarks said the construction of health facilities in each region, is a strategic step that must be taken by each regional leader, as an effort to provide the best service for every community who needs help, especially in the health sector. In addition, the construction of health facilities is a real step in improving superior human resources.

“This pavilion, after being rebuilt and equipped with modern health facilities, made me deeply touched and deeply moved after checking Prashanti Raditya Grihasta’s pavilion,” explained the Bali Police Chief, Inspector General of Police. Dr. Drs. Petrus Reinhard Golose, M.M.

The Bali Police Chief expressed his gratitude for the assistance of the Regent of Badung I Nyoman Giri Prasta, S. Sos whose budget was approved by the Chairperson of the District Parliament. Badung Dr. Drs. I Putu Parwata MK, M.M. This pavilion can be realized.

The Head of Regional Police said that the idea of ​​building construction began when he visited his senior, KBP Drs. Ndang Supriyatna who is the Head of the Bali Police Logistics Bureau is being hospitalized at the hospital. Trijata – Denpasar.

Then I saw the situation of Bhayangkara Hospital from the lighting facilities including not meeting the requirements as a hospital, other than that the condition of the hospital at that time was not yet accredited.

“From there I planned to renovate the old building and help from the Regent of Badung can also be completed beginning in 2018. After seeing that, several times I also continue to come until we have hyperbaric facilities from the Pusdokkes Polri Headquarters.” Bali Police Chief Inspector General Inspector Dr. Dr. Dr. Peter Reinhard Golose, MM

“Here we can know, during 2019 as many as 40 members of the Police died. This includes high mortality rates in the Bali Regional Police. I ask that each member can be colonoscopy. Colonoscopy is a procedure performed to check the condition of the large intestine and the end of the large intestine (rectum) to detect abnormalities in the large intestine and rectum, such as swollen intestinal tissue, irritation, sores, polyps, or cancer. ” the.

In addition, with the inauguration of the “Prashanti Raditya Grihasta” Pavilion from the previous number of 55 rooms to 87 rooms. My orders to the Kabkes Dokkes and Karumkit Bhayangkara search all members of the Bali Police are about treatment where, for immediate care taking to the Bhayangkara Hospital so that welcoming the new year 2020 this pavilion can be useful for members of the national police, especially the Bali police. “The Bali Police Chief confirmed Inspector General of Police. Dr. Drs. Petrus Reinhard Golose, M.M.

“On this happy occasion I, as the head of the Bali Police, would like to thank the Regent of Badung for providing smooth and easy construction of the Prasanti Raditya Grihasta Pavilion, Bhayangkara Hospital, Denpasar,” explained.Petrus.

“I hope that the construction of this building can provide improvements in terms of service and comfort not only for members of the National Police and their families but also for the people of Bali who need it,” said Petrus R Golose.

On the same occasion the inauguration ceremony of the Prasanti Raditya Grihasta Pavilion was also attended by the Bali Deputy Chief of Police, Brig. Drs. I Wayan Sunartha, Kabiddokkes of the Bali Regional Police, Dr. A. Nyoman Eddy P.W., DFM., Sp.F, Key Bali Police Chief, Bali Police Chief.

Head of Bali Province PUPR Head Office, Dewas BLU Bhayangkara Hospital Denpasar, Head of Denpasar City Health Service, Director of Puri Raharja Hospital, Director of Bali Mandara Eye Hospital, Udayana TK II Karumkit, Udayana Faculty Dean, Head of Denpasar branch BPJS and community leaders. (Team, Dwi).