Sanan Chocolate Museum Bali Appreciation of Chocolate Bali

397 – Bangli – Bali – Starting with love and gratitude for the homeland on the island of Bali where Bali is able to provide life to its people in a peaceful and sacred way. Thursday. December 26, 2019.

So, some people who are members of the initiator of the idea to make an appreciation of the nature of Bali and the resources in it. The seven people are, “said. The director of the Sanan Bali Foundation is I Nyoman Sukadana.

The Managing Director of PT Sananbali Perkasa Group is Mr. IGN Raka Sumarjana and Generel Manager of the Sanan Chocolate Museum Bali is Mr. Made Prawira Duta, and the Director of the Sanan Bali Foundation is Mr. I Nyoman Sukadana, Kadek Surya Prasetya Wiguna, Ni Ketut Lilik Witari, IB Gede Budi Hartawan.

“Those mentioned above came up with an appreciation and synergy in donating enthusiasm to participate in and challenge the challenges facing Bali today.” The director of the Sanan Bali Foundation is Mr. I Nyoman Sukadana.

Especially in the field of agriculture for the benefit of the Balinese people in the future.

Expressing their gratitude those who are members of the Sananas of Bali who in a manner.

Managing Director of PT Sananbali Group Perkasa IGN Raka Sumarjana. Saying Special has synergized with chocolate farmers in Bali through a variety of creativity that was done to build a chocolate museum called “Sanan Chocolate Museum of Bali” located on Jalan Raya Tampaksiring Kintamani, Br Temen, Penglumbaran Village, Susut District, Bangli Regency, Province Bali.

The museum is expected to be able to do something that can benefit the people of Bali by appreciating the products produced by Balinese farmers, valuing the agricultural product processing industry produced by farmers in Bali. “Clear.
IGN Raka Sumarjana.

With the creativity and processing technology that has been carried out by the players of the processing industry is able to provide added value to the commodity

farmers so that they can penetrate international and global markets, which in turn lifts the economy of farmers.

According to. IGN Raka Sumarjana. Sanan Bali Museum, because of that condition the name of Sanan Bali is Iahir, where Sanan means a tool used as a lifting tool, so that the Sanan Bali Name will be a driver or trigger to always lift the economy of the Balinese people to be able to compete globally.

The Generel Manager of the Sanan Bali Chocolate Museum Made Prawira Duta explained, the Sanan Bali Chocolate Museum, will provide education about the history of chocolate in Bali, the types of chocolate plants in Bali, how farmers take care of their chocolate plants,

Meanwhile, what are the benefits of chocolate and the history of chocolate processing technology in Bali so that it can produce organic chocolate that has international quality. “Revealed. Generel Manager of the Sanan Chocolate Museum in Bali is Mr. Made Prawira Duta.

The Sanan Chocolate Museum in Bali, located in Bangli Regency will also be directed to become a new destination that will continue to improve into a tourist area that blends, the natural beauty of rural Bangli, the agro-tourism spirit of the Bangli people.

So that the spirit of hospitality of the people of Bangli as well as the spirit of advancing Bangli tourism as a whole which of course will greatly support Darwis, Tourism Awareness which can ultimately improve the welfare of the people of Bangli, Bali and Indonesia.

“I would like to congratulate the opening of the chocolate museum. On behalf of the Bangli government I would like to thank and thank Sanan Bali for establishing this museum in Bangli, helping local cocoa farmers, and a great commitment to marketing chocolate production in Bangli. I know that great ideas and efforts were needed to build this extraordinary museum, Deputy Regent of Bangli, Sang Nyoman Sedana Arta.

Deputy Regent of Bangli, Sang Nyoman Sedana Arta, added that the opening of the museum will add a new tourist destination in Bangli. I am sure this will increase visitors to Bangli because they can enjoy a more complete tour package by visiting this museum. Hopefully this can be like Joger in Bedugul Tabanan and the oooolate museum in Kintamani, Bangli.

I strongly believe that this museum will also motivate local farmers to grow higher quality cocoa because they don’t have to worry about marketing, said Deputy Regent of Bangli. The Nyoman Sedana Arta.

By opening this chocolate museum, we indirectly contribute to promoting Indonesian chocolate to the world. This is because at present, the top 10 chocolate museums are in Europe and North America where no chocolate is grown.

Next in this museum, visitors are expected to have more experience because (Bali) where chocolate is grown, processed and served. Here we not only provide taste and vision, but also feelings at the same time.

“Finally, I want everyone here to participate in promoting this museum. Let’s use Twitter, Facebook, Whatsapp and other social media to make it viral. Once again, congratulations and may Ida Sang Hyang Widhi Wasa bless us all.” Clearly Sang Nyoman Sedana Arta (TIM).