Minister of Stars: Art Exhibition, Potential Means to Promote Women’s and Children’s Issues.

153 – Bali – Minister of Women’s Empowerment and Child Protection, Bintang Puspayoga today opened the Painting and Photography Exhibition with the theme ‘The Soul of Mother and Child.’ The exhibition was organized by the Medical Community called MedicArt in collaboration with the House of Arie Smit (HofAS ), and is closely related to Mother’s Day Commemoration on December 22, 2019.

“I hope that the various photos and paintings in the exhibition that are relevant to the celebration of Mother’s Day, can increase the attention of various parties and groups on issues of women and children. In order to realize empowered women, quality children for advanced Indonesia, “said Minister Bintang in his remarks at the opening of the Painting and Photography Exhibition with the theme‘ The Soul of Mother and Child in Ubud, Bali.

Minister Bintang said the painting and photography exhibition was an extraordinary art exhibition because it was not carried out by artists as usual. But carried out by doctors who work in the hobby of painting, photography, and videography.

“The role of the doctor community is very large in encouraging the creation of women’s empowerment and child protection. For this reason, I hope that you ladies and gentlemen will be able to participate in providing friendly health services for women and children, as well as increasing access, participation, control and benefits, especially in the field of health for women and children, “explained Minister Bintang.

HofAS Founder, dr. Pande Made K. Suteja explained that the House of Arie Smit is a depiction of the soul of a Dutch artist, Arie Smit who sincerely explores and fosters the artistic talents of remote and marginal children in Bali. This is done so that it can be useful for reviving the children’s creative economy in the future.

“At present, HofAS has fostered a community of marginalized children in Blandingan Kintamani, Bali and the Kenari Hamlet, Warlouka, East Nusa Tenggara. Aside from being a painter, Arie Smit also teaches people about the habit of maintaining health and environmental cleanliness, “said Pande Made.

On the other hand, MedicART Founder, dr. I Wayan Wita revealed that this exhibition displayed the spirit of humanitarian love and the love of the motherland. Children as future generations are very important to be involved in arts and culture from an early age because the love of cultural arts will foster generations who also love the motherland.

“I hope the spirit of Arie Smit can continue to live in the future. We can all take the value of Arie Smit’s sincerity in loving the nature and culture of Bali, the sincerity of fostering children in the village to be prosperous. Foreigners only really care about children and the people of this country, we as Indonesian people should be more concerned and motivated in this regard, “stressed Minister Bintang.

Furthermore, Bintang Minister plans to involve MedicArt and HofAS to display the works of art of their fostered children in introducing culture and environment to children at the National Children’s Day Commemoration (HAN) 2020 in July.

“Hopefully this movement can continue to move like a rolling snowball so that it is not only carried out in Bali and NTT but also in other areas that are right on target,” said Minister Bintang.

The exhibition program, which took place from 24 December 2019 – 24 January 2020, featured around 100 works of painting and photography, aimed at raising funds for the development of arts and culture for children in remote areas of Indonesia. To that end, Minister Bintang expressed his high appreciation to MedicART and HofAS for organizing this extraordinary art exhibition.

“Hopefully what we do today can be an inspiration for others, especially in realizing the fulfillment of children’s rights and the protection of Indonesian children. As well as being able to provide benefits not only for children in Bali but throughout Indonesia, “said Minister Bintang.

Minister Bintang also revealed that currently there are quite a lot of intolerant problems among children. This is a problem that must be dealt with together, one of which is to foster a sense of nationalism by campaigning for various traditional games for children, amounting to around 2,600 typical Indonesian games. This is expected to minimize gadget addiction and increase nationalism in children. (TIM).