Student Talent Event Farabi Music Education Institute in Bali

213 – Denpasar – Bali – According to Anak Agung Ayu Karina Suryandari Managing Director of LPM Farabi. This concert is the first annual concert, which involved not only LPM in Bali, so this concert involved two LPM Farabi from medan and also LPM from Jakarta. The location is art center Denpasar Bali. Thursday 20 December 2019.

So this included a big concert because we involved our students around 200 more students.

According to Karina, “Our experience is the theme of the 90’S Spirit Concert UNLIMITED TALENT, because this is an annual event, so that children enjoy this event with a type of music that is light but still of quality, because it continues to carry the Farabi music education institution.

“Said Karina (us), using UNLIMITED TALENT, because in the school of music institutions there are so many outstanding children that we have.

“So we use #UNLIMITED TALENT which means. Unlimited talent,” Karina said.

Meanwhile, for our own event we will hold December 19, 2019 at Artcenter, there are two sessions because we have many students.

Founder of Farabi Music Education Institute
Dwiki Dharmawan conveyed that during a press conference to explore or take part in music education besides fun, there were already many positive values ​​contained therein,

Furthermore, this includes the introduction of the culture of the homeland of its own country, forming self-confidence, forming leadership as well as refining the mind.

“So whatever you want later you want to be a professional musician, God willing, you can, you want to be a politician, you want to be a businessman, you want to be a diplomat, so you have studied music and have been recognized by everyone.” Dwiki Dharmawan said.

“According to Deputy Chair Soni, the music that is displayed is not as simple as the original music, for example the music of the janger that has been created and is able to be known in Pancanegara,” he said.

This is according to, I Gusti Ngurah Agung Yogi Swara LPM Farabi Operational Manager. Said, Bali as the host for the 90 “s Unlimited Talent event which had previously been held in the Jakarta area.

“In 2019, Bali is believed to hold a concert, so we invite Farabi from Jakarta and Medan.” Clearly yoga. (TEAM).