Laouncing Golf Book, Reviewed from the Perspective of Human Resource Management Development.

158 – Pecatu – Nusa Dua – Bali – Prof.Dr. Ir. Ngadino Surif. MS, Said Strategy to Achieve Targets. Golf Viewed from the Perspective of Human Resource Management Development, the Government is obliged to improve the welfare of the community. During a press conference at the New Kuta Golf Pecatu Nusa Dua Bali. Saturday. November 30, 2019.

“According to Prof. Dr. Ir. Ngadino Surif MS through golf, we actually train a number of abilities needed to carry out an activity with a specific target. Golf actually forms honest, sincere characters. Hard work. Smart work. Thorough work.” He explained.

Prof. Prof.Dr. Ir. Ngadino Surif. MS conveyed that starting from our ideas both to give a little explanation of how the golf values ​​contained in life are indispensable in living life, both individually, organizationally, and in society.

“This as individuals, we cannot be separated from the importance of internalizing honesty and sincerity values ​​in daily life, so that in their application, honesty and sincerity can become habits, which ultimately lead us to do everything based on principles “the principle of honesty and sincerity, in addition to us, we have got that in the values ​​of religion that we profess,” said Ngadino Surif.

As members of an organization, of course we must meet the criteria desired by the organization to participate in achieving the targets set by an organization.

Furthermore, however. Organizations need human resources who are willing and able to work hard to realize the targets quantitatively. work smart to achieve targets qualitatively.

This concerns the mental and physical abilities of someone who is able to consistently run a number of stages of the process to realize the targets of an organization.

It becomes necessary so that someone is able to complete what has been started until the end is complete in accordance with the targets set.

We have prepared this book with a perspective of human resource management. A straightforward and not too technical description makes the definition of golf far from boring.

A glimpse of the book we titled “Golf reviewed from the Perspective of developing Human Resource Management”. the author details what makes people feel the need to play golf.

“Also interesting from the explanation in this section is that golf functions as a reflection of one’s behavior. In fact, golf can change a person’s behavior based on understanding neuroscience.” Ngadino Surif.

So with that level of public trust in the government even higher. Playing 1-1 golf is playing vector. Golfer seiati through all his confidence in the ability to direct the existing style can be directed to always be in control sigolfer. “Explained Prof.Prof.Dr. Ir. Ngadino Surif MS.

“In leadership, I learned a lot from sports that I have been fond of for a long time since golf,” he concluded.

Dr. Ir. Antonius Setyadi. MBA. Adding, “Golf is one sport that in my opinion can form the character of leaders who understand management. In this case, it takes creativity and innovation in leading, so that program execution can run well without significant obstacles.” He said.

According to Antonius Setyadi, Golf taught me to make various breakthroughs, one of which brought the management model in the company into government management through the application of excellent public service (service excellent).

“Among the golf values ​​that I apply in government management are self awareness (instilling self-awareness that all actions taken by leaders will have major implications for the environment), empathy and ethics (foster a sense of empathy that leaders should respect others,” he said Antonius Setyadi.

So that it includes maintaining ethics so that the environment also cares about our performance), reform and adaptability (that in governing a leader should be able to self-respect with his environment), iniciative (leading must be with initiative so that there is a high concern, be “yond job description). and visionary (looking forward).

The book “Golf is reviewed from the Perspective of Human Resource Development”. Prof.’s work Dr. Ngadino Surip MS. And Dr. Ir. Antonius Setyadi. MBA. (Team).