The culture and Traditions That the Balinese People Live by Often Instil a Spiritual Awakening

223 – There has always been a mysterious magnetic pull to Bali, especially for artists. The culture and traditions that the Balinese people live by often instil a spiritual awakening and inspiration in many foreigners living on the island resulting in wonderful artistic creations.

Many of the visual expressions created by these master painters depict mystical landscapes and beautiful locals living harmoniously between nature and the gods.”

Above are words quoted from the book; “Sanur, Getaway to Inspiration”. This book is a gift from Maison Aurelia that is telling us a story of Sanur and painters from around the world that has lived and inspired by Bali through their artworks.

The legacy of their artworks still lives inside many galleries and museums in the island. 

It is an aspiration from Préférence to make a cultural book like “Sanur, Getaway to Inspiration” to enlighten our guests about the Sanur local culture that speaks from the heart. Please make your way to be inspired by this book at Maison Aurelia.(team)