Film Conferences Press, “Kajeng Kliwon” at Trans Studio Moll Bali.

140 – Denpasar – Bali – With the background of the traditions and culture of the island of Bali, the Kajeng Kliwon film is able to elevate local wisdom into a slick spectacle. At Trans Studio Mall Bali. Friday (8/11).

Director Bambang Drias said, the horror genre film starring Amanda Manopo played the role of Agni, a beautiful doctor of Balinese blood and Crist laurent as niko who was a photographer.

“According to Director Bambang Drias
“As a pair of lovers, their love journey is not as beautiful as imagined, because Agni has a bloody bloodline, and mystical events continue to haunt.”

In addition to Amanda Manopo and Crist lauren, the Kajeng kliwon film by Applecross and 9 Sabah advertising is also starring aging artists such as Catherine Wilson, Indah Kalalo, Mutia Datau and Malaysian artist Atiqah Suhaemi, as well as other stars Vincent, Egy Fadli and Weda Nanda.

It took about 20 days to shoot in 3 different regions in Bali, namely Tabanan, Gianyar and Singaraja Film Kajeng Kliwon made by director Bambang Drias. This was not only able to show the magical side in Bali, but also visualize the beautiful side of the island of the Gods. ” (team).