114 – Bali – Have you ever heard Virtual Reality or VR? VR is a technology that allows the user to interact with a computer simulated environment from a variety of content. Kovee is a VR company from South Korea that brings the technology to be introduced in Indonesia and being the first and largest VR Theme Park in |ndonesna.

Kovee has successfully opened two branches in Jakarta and never stop bringing a pleasant new expen‘enoe to Bali. Located at Beachwalk Kuta Bali, exactly on November 1st 2019.

Kovee will officially open the third branch. With the tagline ‘VR Entertainment & Edu-Tech“. Kovee wants to help Indonesia to keep participating in the development of globalization and so the 4th Industrial Revolution.

Kovee VR Theme Park Bali has 4 areas with 4 dinerent content whete Visitas can enjoy each area by paying from IDR 70.000 to IDR 150.000 to by each content of VR.

Moreover. Kovee VR Theme Park Bali also offers a variety of attmctrve packages for visitors that makes thing easier for visitors if they just want to play a few games or want to try all VR games. Kovee recommends some interesting selected content, namely; Beat Saber, Snow Bike, Robot Fighters, and the latest Death Cage: The Zombie.

“Kovee wants to introduce VR among Indonesian people in order to keep abreast of developments and collaborate in the 4th Industry Revolution and provide a touch of VR in learning, so that children can enjoy the new ways by using tedmology.

Moreover, we also want to give Korean entertainment touches from K-Culture and KPop. We deeply hope that Kovee can develop and be accepted by both the Balinese people and attract the attention of local and international tourists to come to Kovee and enjoy the adventure in the VR world.” said Mr. lbe Yoga as the representative Director of Bali.

Kovee VR Theme Park was first opened in Jakarta. November 30th 2018 at Neo Soho Mall 2nd floor, then was opened the second branch at Alam Sutere Mall on October 25th 2019, as well as the third branch will be opened soon at Beadwwalk Bali. Kovee has dream to develop the VR business not only in Indonesia. but also in Southeast Asia.(Team)