Traditional Balinese Massagee Competition 2019 Spa Competition.


Lokadewatanews com – Denpasar – Bali – Plt. Head of the Bali Provincial Tourism Office
Ir. I Putu Astawa, MMA Main Madina, said that Bali has been famous as one of the world’s tourist destinations. The role of the transportation industry in development is already unquestionable.

Meanwhile, along with the development of world tourism which is increasing so verified tourism products are needed so that tourists do not feel bored to stay in Bali.

Organizing the 2019 Massage Competition which is certainly an effort to improve the quality and competence of Spa therapists, on Jalan Bulu Indah Denpasar, Bali. Thursday (10/31).

Related to this, the government welcomes the existence of spas in Bali and even Bali has received the title of The Best Spa by traveler magazine and has also won the title of Bali is The Best Spa Destination in The World, a research from Spa magazine from Germany.

This is certainly as proof that spas in Bali are very capable of competing at the International level. The spa can also be packaged into a spa tour package, which will make Bali preferred by tourists, especially foreign tourists.

This is considering the high interest of tourists who want to enjoy the spa before leaving for his country.

According to Ir. I Putu Astawa, In the future, this Traditional Balinese Massage also needs to adopt spa technology and techniques from developed countries so that the quality of therapists and spa products produced in Bali is expected to be more renewed.

“In addition, transfer or exchange of knowledge and technology will teach spa businesses and spa therapists in Bali to follow the standards and quality required by the government and the world spa association.” Ir. I Putu Astawa.

As for the closing of the Traditional Balinese Massage event we congratulate the winners, and for participants who have not been able to win the championship in order to continue to improve their competence.

So that one day they will be able to achieve what they want and hopefully Spa Bali will grow and be in demand by both domestic and foreign tourists. “said.Ir. I Putu Astawa.

Ni Made Sugiantini Head of Education and Education Development said, “Bali’s traditional massage competition is able to develop professionalism in Balinese spa staff who have been able to compete with various countries, not even having to go abroad because Bali is a world tourism center. has fully supported tourism packages dibali. ” he said.

The head of Asti Bali, Krisna Delivered, to the media crew “next year there will be more, also the growing number of Asti Bali members participating in the traditional Balinese massage competition in 2020” as well as the chairman of Aspi Bali, Nyoman Sastrawan “Aspi Bali always synergy with Asti Bali, even on a national scale for spa entrepreneurs in Bali “he said.
Meanwhile, for Spa Contest Participants in Bali Citra International Spa Training Place. Jalan Bulu Indah Denpasar. Bali,
Champion 1, 2 and 3, among others.

Champion Spa Contest. To. 1, Ni Luh Arita Puspita Dewi Works at Apurva Spa Spa. Got 8 million prizes. Score. Theory, 68, Practice 90, 7692307, final number 83, 93846153846.

Champion Spa Contest; 2. Reni Indriawati, Working at Fairmont Spa. Getting 5 million Hdariah. Score, Theory. 66. Practice 83.0769230, end, 77, 95384615384.

Spa Contest; 3rd Place Ni Kadek Lestari; Working at Fairmont Spa. Get 2 Million. Rupiah Score. Theory 66, Practice, 76, 9230769, final, 73, 64615384615. (TIM)