Lokadewatanews.com – Sanur, October 2019 – Halloween celebration is starting to appeal to young Indonesians, and this year
ARTOTEL Group presents a Halloween celebration with the theme “Panic Room”, from 25 – 31 October 2019.

“Panic Room” will provide a Halloween-style stay at all ARTOTEL Group properties in Jakarta, Bandung, Yogyakarta, Semarang, Batu, Surabaya, and Bali.

For guests who book a room through the website artotelgroup.com and take the “Panic Room” promotion, will get a 25% on the period of stay from 25-31 October, 2019 and get a “surprise” from ARTOTEL, which is a decorated Halloween themed room. In addition to that, guests will also be pampered with special offer from our bar and restaurants outlets.

At ARTOTEL Sanur-Bali, guests will be surprised with in-room decorations such as: bats, writings on the bathroom mirror, doll in a jar, and any Halloween-like merchandises.

Furthermore, ARTOTEL Sanur-Bali
guests will also be indulged with special treats at Lidah Lokal Restaurant and BART, namely: Free Flow Beer and Signature Cocktails all day long throughout the Halloween period.

Yulia Maria, Assistant Director of Marketing Communications ARTOTEL Group adds, “As a hotel brand that always carries creative and innovative concepts, ARTOTEL Group will thrive to provide different staying experience, and in relevance with the latest trends.

Inspired by Halloween momentum near the end of October, we will offer our guests a little surprise with “Panic Room” themes in our properties.

We hope that our guests will be entertained by our unique concept. So, to those who are curious and interested to find out the surprises and uniqueness that our team has prepared, simply insert the promo code “Panic Room” through our website, www.artotelgroup.com/hotels/artotel/sanur-bali.

Booking period starts from early October 2019, for the period of stay from 25-31 October 2019. STAY TRUE. (team).