437 – Bali – On Saturday 26 October 2019, the team and management of Bali’s leading retail store proudly announced the opening of Gourmet Market by Pepito at the newly established mall Sidewalk, Jimbaran bukit.
“Bali as the gate of Indonesia has been growing fast as a tourism shopping destination as well home for international guests, expatriates.

We are here to provide the best superb selections of food and beverage, combined with a great location where customers can enjoy from a great selection of international and both domestic dishes” the management of Pepito Group stores stated.
“The unique and distinctive difference of Gourmet Market from any other grocery or premium supermarket store here in Bali, is that the Gourmet Market by Pepito has extended to providing a stylish eating corner which offers a great selection of international dishes, cheeses and cold cuts and much more” management added.
The Gourmet Market is the premium retail with style with a long list of great grocery products, and renowned brands such as Norwegian Salmon, importer US apples, French and Italian cheeses and Australian meat products. For our November launch we are happy to highlight products from New Zealand.
Lookout throughout the store for the official New Zealand logo which guarantees authentic country of origin. We have added a further discount up to 20% for your shopping benefit.
Pepito Group continues to provide high international standard retail experiences here in Bali. (Team).