PASI Bangli Regency Successfully Wins Gold

179 – Bangli – Bali, Through PASI Bangli, Bangli Regency won gold in the athletics branch of the Bali Provincial Sports Week. That achievement, emphasized again by Astiti Saraswati, was carved by young people.

In addition, the activity was centered at Toya Devasya, Toya Bungkah Village, Bangli Regency, Sunday, October 27, 2019.

“Once again, that achievement is carved out by young people. We do coaching through their potential so that it becomes a mover of change itself, through achievements,” Astiti Saraswati said.

Meanwhile, Chairman of FORKI Bangli Mantik stated, of the 9 golds contested in Porprov Bali, 4 of them were successfully captured by a contingent of Bangli. According to him, it was quite encouraging in the midst of coaching athletes with a limited budget by the Bangli Regency Government.

“From 2 sports, Karate and Athletics, 40 percent of the gold medals were donated by the two sports. We got 9 gold medals from Porprov, 3 were donated by karate, 1 by PASI,” explained Mantik.

CEO of Toya Devasya Natural Hot Spring, Dr. I Ketut Mardjana added, his party would initiate the formation of the Toya Devasya Foundation, one of which oversees sports coaching.

“This is a form of CSR for the search and training of athletes from an early age,” he said.(team).