DR. I Ketut Mardjana Awarded Sustainable Entrepreneur of the Year 2019


LOKADEWATANEWS.COM – DENPASAR – BALI – The best son of Bangli Regency who is well known for his work both at national and international levels, namely DR. I Ketut Mardjana again won a prestigious award. Saturday. September 28, 2019.

Previously, various awards were awarded by various bona fide institutions at national and international levels such as the Asian Development Best Executive Awards, the Asean Social and Economic Corporate Golden Awards, People of the Year 2011 as inspiring CEOs and the best BUMN CEOs, inspirational CEOs, sons of Bangli district born in Batur This Kintamani won another award.

DR. I Ketut Mardjana was awarded as Lestari Entrepreneur of the Year 2019 by Editor of Money & I Magazine; the business magazine published by the largest public credit bank in Bali, BPR Lestari.

DR. I Ketut Mardjana himself was previously active in the business world at the national level both in private and state-owned enterprises. His career crawled from the bottom after completing his education at the National College of Accountancy (STAN) to reach a good position in the finance department.

Then it moved to a private company, the toll road manager until it was able to juggle the SOE that had previously been suspended, namely PT. Pos Indonesia became a profitable company.

Not surprisingly, with its ability to improve a company that has been suspended, it grows and is profitable, making DR. I Ketut Mardjana was dubbed the Transformer.

After spending more than half of his age and time wandering to build a career and also known as a figure who played a role behind the construction of various Hindu-owned temples, especially Mount Salak Temple and various temples in Bali and Kintamani, finally DR. I Ketut Mardjana returned home.

He claimed to remember the message of his parents to participate in building his hometown which he had left for so long.

DR. I Ketut Mardjana then had to swerve to build a business from scratch in the field of business that had not previously been cultivated namely tourism. A natural hotspring destination business that is a mainstay of tourist destinations in Kintamani and Bangli Regency.

In a not too long time, which is around four years, this tourist destination called Toya Devasya Natural Hotspring grew into a mainstay tourist destination of Kintamani and Bangli Regency.

Even its business units have now expanded to luxury accommodation facilities in the form of luxury villas, restaurants and bars, spas, Watebom, Adventure, Hiker’s Camp and the latest Watersport on Lake Batur. All of that was achieved in a relatively short time for a new company.

The Soul of the Transformer as its nickname in the ability to change and develop the business is now reflected in its efforts namely Toya Devasya Natural Hotspring.

But behind all his success, DR. I Ketut Mardjana always did not forget the message of his parents to build his hometown and his own philosophy to share with others.

This can be seen in his policy at Toya Devasya Natural Hotspring to always share, inspire the growth and development of business and community welfare.

The emergence of Toya Devasya Natural Hotspring has helped to arouse the emergence of small businesses in the vicinity such as food stalls, boarding room rentals, laundry, strengthen and add to tour businesses as well as transportation and selfie tourism destinations.

Even Toya Devasya Natural Hotspring itself helped the camping tourism business that was pioneered by Mahardika Bukit Trunyan tourism awareness group.

In addition, the management of Toya Devasya Natural Hotspring under the leadership of Dr. I Ketut Mardjana did not forget to thank Sang Hyang Widhi by routinely giving punia to the temples around the Batur Geopark and continued to assist the activities of youth groups and health social services.

These inspirational activities from the role of DR. I Ketut Mardjana were glimpsed and made an evaluation by the Entrepreneur Festival committee organized by Money & I Magazine published.(TIM)